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About Us

Pet Peace of Mind Helps Seriously Ill People Care for Their Pets

Pets play an important role when their human is facing a serious illness. Seriously ill patients should not experience anxiety related to their pets’ well-being and Pet Peace of Mind aims to eliminate their anxiety. 

By respecting the relationship between people and their pets at the deepest level, we actively advocate for the pet’s role as an important member of the caregiving team. In Pet Peace of Mind’s world, a pet is never “just a pet.” We are driven to preserve the bond of love and we help hospice, home health organizations, and hospitals understand the importance of that bond in the lives of their patients.


Pet Peace of Mind is the only national program providing a care model for the pets of seriously ill patients, including helping orphaned pets find a loving new home when necessary. Our program trains them to support each patient’s pet care needs in practical ways by using specially trained local volunteers to help patients with their pet care needs.   

Pets are great medicine for the anxiety that comes from dealing with a serious medical condition. Countless patients say their pet is their lifeline. Keeping their beloved pets throughout their end-of-life journey—and finding homes for them after they pass—can be one of the most important pieces of unfinished business

— Dianne McGill, President and Founder
Pet Peace of Mind by the numbers:


of a kind

We are the only volunteer-driven program of its kind serving seriously ill patients and their pets.



States Served

We are in 43 states, plus Washington DC. 




Over 250 organizations offer our program to their patients.



Lives Touched

Each year, our programs help more than 3,500 patients and 4,000 pets.

Donate $120 today to cover the cost of caring for one pet for a year.

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