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A Life of Grace

We share a heartfelt story from our Pet Peace of Mind partner, Hospice of San Luis Obispo County, about a client’s pet named Gracie.

Gracie’s human mom was diagnosed with cancer and became too ill to take care of Gracie. She requested a PPOM volunteer to assist with walking Gracie and other tasks. Eventually Gracie’s mom died from the disease.

Gracie was placed in foster care and then adopted by a wonderful woman named “Jane.” Gracie was happy with her new loving mom and home. After a couple years, her PPOM adoptive mom, Jane became too ill to take care of her. Jane’s family contacted Hospice SLO County to find a new home for Gracie. She was then placed in a loving foster home with other dogs and pets. Hospice SLO County staff worked diligently to find a forever home for Gracie. Ads were place all over social media. One call in response was great news. It was from a friend of Jane’s. Fortunately, Jane had recovered, but had not contacted PPOM, believing that Gracie had most likely found a forever home and she did not want to disrupt her life again. So, it was with great pleasure that Gracie was reunited with Jane. They are now living a love-filled life of Grace together.


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