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A New Home for Kali

My job as a hospice nurse is especially meaningful, but can also take an emotional toll. In addition, I have a very busy family life. You would think three energetic kids ages 3, 7, 9 and a 70 pound, 7-year-old German Shepherd would be more than enough for one family, but somehow our lives felt incomplete.

Our social worker (aka “the dog whisperer”) at Mt. Hood Hospice told me about a dog desperate for a new home through the Pet Peace of Mind program. The two-year-old black German Shepherd, named Kali had a tough start when her owner died. She went to a second home that unfortunately wasn’t the right fit. Re-homed for the third time, Kali seemed to be getting along great – that was until her new owner died suddenly a short time later. Losing your first family alone is traumatic but jumping around four times was hard for this girl.

Our family had been entertaining the idea about getting another German Shepherd when Kali bounced into our lives a few months ago. The social worker thought she might be the perfect fit for our family since she was a people person, a kid lover and had a bundle of energy that rivaled our two sons and daughter.

The first thing we noticed about Kali were her ears, of course. How can you not? Heidi, our other dog welcomed Kali but is now the “hall monitor.” When we call for Kali, Heidi stands up bigger and trots in like she’s the boss. Kali is a bit mischievous, as most puppies are but she has fit in so well with our family.

Kali loves cuddles and lets the kids hug all over her. She has gotten really close to our daughter and sleeps with her every night. One funny thing she started to do is sleep in her closet because it has a soft, fuzzy rug for her to sink into after a long, hard day of playing well with other dogs and kids.

Since Kali has come into our lives, she has brought more lovingness, companionship, and a little bit of chaos due to her puppy like disposition. Coming home to Kali at the end of an emotional day brings me such comfort. Working in the hospice field, while extremely rewarding, can take a toll. Kali brings me peace at the end of a long day.


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