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Hospice of Humboldt wins Program of the Year Award

Congratulations to Hospice of Humboldt in Eureka, CA for being selected as the 2020 Pet Peace of Mind Program of the Year! Hospice of Humboldt was one of the first PPOM partners, launching their program in 2009. The longevity and steadfastness of their program is remarkable and demonstrates the importance they place of the PPOM program in their patients’ lives. During the initial phase of the pandemic, they had to cease all volunteer programs except for emergency pet veterinary needs. Now fully operational again, their Pet Peace of Mind program was one of the first programs moved to operational status due to the number patients who benefit from the service.

We are pleased to extend a special congratulatory note to Dennice Stone and Vickie Spotten for their excellence in program operations. Hospice of Humboldt serves a remote area covering over 3,500 square miles, yet every patient’s pet care need is met with joy and devotion to service. Please join us in celebrating Hospice of Humboldt’s award for their outstanding commitment to their Pet Peace of Mind program.


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