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Luna To The Rescue

Peggy adopted Luna through Cornerstone Hospice Pet Peace of Mind, and it changed her life.

"My life changed forever on August 22, 2021, with the death of my husband. I had been his caregiver for several years and had also cared for my mother until her passing in 2019. I was truly alone, with no one to care for anymore. In September 2021 I began my search for a dog to be my family. I went through 64 online pages of rescue dogs and noted a few I would like to meet. Then one Thursday evening I was awestruck by a picture of Luna. Her eyes were so sad. She looked as lonesome as I did. Then I read about her background. Her owner had been at Cornerstone Hospice in The Villages, Florida, and died at the age of 82. My husband had been in Cornerstone in-home hospice and died at 82 less than a month after Luna’s mom died. The following evening, I received a call to come and meet Luna. She met me with an abundance of energy and came right up to me, giving me kisses. We felt comfortable with one another and went outside to walk and play a little bit. It was obvious she needed outdoor socialization, but she was truly the dog who needed me as much as I needed her.

From the moment I adopted her, we developed a routine which included sitting on my lap in

my recliner after dinner. When we went to bed she got under the covers with her butt up against me, and we slept most of the night that way. Her indoor personality was so loving and respectful.

Luna has brought me though a very dark period in my life. I didn’t think laughter, love or joy would be part of my life ever again. She keeps me entertained and makes me laugh with her antics and exhibits her unconditional love daily. She never fails to impress me with her level of intelligence. She talks to me and gently taps me with her paw to let me know what she needs. She has taught me that life does go on and grief does not have to stop us from living, loving and laughing. Our match was truly made in Heaven. I thank God every day for bringing Luna into my life."

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