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New Pet Peace of Mind Program Partners with Vet Schools

New Pet Peace of Mind Program Partners with Vet Schools

Pet Peace of Mind is launching a new athletic fundraising channel to support the organization.  Team Pet Peace of Mind is driven by Pet Peace of Mind Board Member Dr. Mia Cary, Chief Collaboration Officer at the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC). “We are engaging veterinary schools across the country to create student, faculty, and local community teams in this fun and rewarding program. With so much emphasis on well-being and encouraging veterinarians to develop healthy habits, what better time to help future veterinarians learn new skills in this area than while they are still in veterinary school?” said Cary.

“Teams will be a strong model for ways to create a positive work-life integration while learning how to give back by raising money for a professionally relevant national cause, and while making time for physical activity,” Cary added “Our industry partners are also critical to this program. We wouldn’t be able to execute this new channel without their support.”

“Our 2017 initiative is graciously funded by Trupanion, a leading provider of medical insurance for cats and dogs,”” said Dianne McGill, president of Pet Peace of Mind. “We have a number of veterinary schools who will be presenting the program to their students this year.  We’re thrilled to announce our first team partnership will be with Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine.  The team is currently reviewing events in order to select the program which works best for their students’ schedules.”

In other news, Team Pet Peace of Mind Texas will be participating in the San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon December 3, 2017.  This team will be comprised of practicing veterinarians from all over the state and will be led by co-chairs Drs. Brittany King, Montrose Veterinary Clinic (Houston) and Tonya Stephens, Managing Partner of Fort Worth Animal Emergency Hospital and Trinity Veterinary Medical Center (DFW).


In addition to being part of an inspiring team that helps keep pets and people together through life’s transitions, Dr. King also serves as Team Pet Peace of Mind’s national coach and will provide comprehensive online training to any team member in the country training for a local event.  A few of Dr. King’s athletic accomplishments include swimming the English Channel (2012), climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro (2010) and finishing the Triple 7 Quest which featured running seven marathons on seven continents in eleven days (2015).

Team efforts will make a life-changing difference for hospice patients with little time left to enjoy their pet’s love and companionship. Pet Peace of Mind believes that everyone has the ability to inspire others to #doallthingswithlove.  If you are interested in putting together or sponsoring a team, please contact Dianne McGill,,  Mia Cary, or Brittany King,  


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