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Offering comfort to loved ones during a difficult time

This week, we share a story from Pet Peace of Mind partner, Hospice Savannah in Savannah, GA.

“Mr. F. was a 61-year-old father and home-care patient who was eventually admitted to our inpatient facility for acute symptoms. Volunteer coordinator Christy Fulcher invited his family to bring their German Shepherd, Sadie to spend time with the patient. Understanding that the patient was now actively dying, the family was very distressed. Christy walked with Sadie and the family in the garden, providing comfort during this difficult time. Our volunteer photographer also met the family to take photos with Sadie.

After the patient’s death, Christy arranged for Sadie to have her regular vet appointment, to fill her heartworm prescription for six months, and to be groomed so that the family didn’t have to worry about these arrangements and expenses during the early days of their bereavement.”


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