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Suncoast Hospice Wins 2019 Pet Peace of Mind Program of the Year Award

Pet Peace of Mind is delighted to announce the 2019 Pet Peace of Mind Program of the Year winner, Suncoast Hospice in Clearwater, Florida. The award was presented in November to Alicia Lawler, Suncoast Hospice Senior Volunteer Coordinator, at the NHPCO Interdisciplinary Conference in Orlando, FL.

Suncoast Hospice has been a Pet Peace of Mind partner since 2014 and has an exemplary program. The award was given for exemplary leadership, innovation, and contribution to preserving the human-animal bond for patients too ill to manage their pets’ needs.

In the last year, Suncoast Hospice provided pet care assistance for 21 patients and rehomed 30 pets. Suncoast has established relationships in their community with countless pet adoption groups, pet certifying groups, as well as veterinarians who consult with health related issues for their clients. Some even provide discounted or free services. The level of support within Suncoast extends from their CEO to their volunteers. Their employees frequently provide foster homes and adoptive homes. In addition to focusing on the pets of their patients, their program is so robust they have been able to assist clients of their affiliate programs as needed due to the generous donations received from their staff and community.

Congratulations Suncoast Hospice!


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