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The Love of Dixie

Dixie came to me at a time when my life was at the lowest. I already had two sweet old independent dogs that did their own thing. My husband, who is a C.N.A at Hospice of the Ozarks, came to me saying that one of his patients asked for him to take his dog, Dixie. A few months before Dixie’s owner died, my mother died in my home. My husband and I had been taking care of her. When she died, I was holding her hand. At that point life was hard for me to handle. When he brought Dixie in my door, I watched her look so sad and lost (just like I was feeling). The first few days she and I got to know one another, and she acted as if she knew I was sad too. After a few nights of being with us, something came on that reminded me of my mother. I began to cry, and Dixie jumped up into my lap. For the first time she licked my hand, and I think it’s because she knew I needed comforting. I hugged her; for the rest of that night, she laid in my lap. Believe it or not, I slept in the chair with her all night long. For several nights I slept in the guest room so she could sleep with me. She knew I needed her to be with me. Dixie made me find my way back from being lost and sad to loved and happy. I feel she is that comfort and support that gets me in every way. God brought her to me in my time of need. Dixie is my love.

Everyone should experience the joy and love that these animals can bring to you, whether in a time of need or just when you need a little extra love.


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