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Best Buddies

This adoption story came to us from Hospice of the Ozarks. The Pet Peace of Mind team made sure their patient's dog had a loving new family to go to, and that also changed the life of the adopters.

"My husband experienced some health problems over the last few years that caused him to have to retire several years before he planned. I continue to work full time so he was at home with nothing to do. He became very depressed and spent much of his day sleeping or in front of the tv.

Bentley was a four year old Pomchi that had been in four homes in as many years, and his current owner had died. I brought Bentley home for a "trial run" to see how things would go. My husband and Bentley became best buddies immediately. When you see my husband, you see Bentley. Bentley gave my husband purpose and companionship. He talks to him as if he were a person, and I believe Bentley understands most of what he says. When I come home from work, I am greeted at the door by a little dog that is so happy to see me. It puts me in a wonderful mood no matter how tired I am. Our two young grandsons light up when they see Bentley and love to play with him. He starts all our days off in a wonderful mood because his happiness is just contagious. I believe Bentley helped my husband get through one of the hardest times in his life, and I am so thankful we have him!"


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