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Pet Peace of Mind Board Member Publishes Book

Pet Nation book cover

Mark Cushing, a member of our board of directors, has published a book on pet ownership in the US and how it affects our lives. His book includes a mention of Pet Peace of Mind.

How did America become a nation of adoring pet owners with dogs and cats everywhere? That’s the mystery that piqued the curiosity of Mark Cushing, the founding partner, and CEO of the Animal Policy Group

PET NATION: The Love Affair That Changed America (Avery, September 8, 2020) tells the remarkable story of the economic, media, legal, political, and social dramas springing from this cultural transformation. By exploring the history of pet ownership and its acceleration in the last two decades, PET NATION helps us understand the evolution of American society and psyche today and the implications for tomorrow. The book is available for sale on Amazon

Mark is the founding partner and CEO of the Animal Policy Group and a Stanford honors graduate. He acts as Trustees Counsel for Lincoln Memorial University and has served as adjunct faculty and lecturer at Lincoln Memorial University, Lewis & Clark College, and the University of Oregon law school. He has the unique job of advancing causes related to pets. He joined the Pet Peace of Mind board in 2019.


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